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Talk still a third of telco spend – FNB Connect



According to data released by FNB Connect, voice calls now account for only between 30% to 40% of its customers’ typical telco spend. However, in the light of continued demand for voice, FNB Connect has announced new plans, Talk Max and Talk Max Pro, offering customers unlimited voice minutes on calls to any local network, 24h hours a day. 

“Voice calls are still very important to our customers and South African consumers at large, despite the rising demand for data services,” says FNB Connect CEO, Len Pienaar. “Contrary to popular belief, our analysis shows that higher income groups still use voice services more than the average consumer,

“We want to give all our customers the opportunity to talk again. We want to allow our customers to be able to call friends and family and talk, and not worrying about that airtime balance ticking down.”

The new offering is significantly cheaper than the previous voice centric package (Ultimate) that FNB offered; which gave customers 4000 minutes for R399 per month. Talk Max and Talk Max Pro are also available on FNB Connect popular month-to-month Top Up plans and require no credit checks. The new plans can be cancelled at any time without penalties.

Qualifying customers will receive the following benefits on the Talk Max and Talk Max Pro plans:

Talk MaxTalk Max Pro
Unlimited Voice Minutes
50 MB
50 SMS
Standard price: R299 per month
Unlimited Voice Minutes
1 GB
100 SMS
Standard price: R399 per month
Promotional price: R249 per monthPromotional price: R349 per month

While both plans offer unlimited voice minutes, they include a fair usage policy. This means that, for Talk Max, the rule is no more than 120 unique outgoing numbers called, a 15% or more incoming to outgoing calls ratio, and the use of 50MB or more on data per month. For Talk Max Pro, customers can call a maximum of 200 unique numbers, ensure at least a 5% incoming to outgoing call ratio on number of calls, and use 100MB or more data per month.

“The fair usage requirements ensure that customers use the packages for their everyday cell phone needs and not misused for commercial or other purposes,” says Pienaar. “This will ensure that the offering remains viable for us whilst fulfilling the needs of our customers.”

FNB Connect recently announced that it had given more than R50 million worth of free data, voice minutes and SMSes to FNB and RMB Private Bank customers as part of the bank’s Free Connect campaign. 

“Telco spend continues to account for a significant portion of FNB customers’ daily spend,” says Pienaar. “While many need telco services for a range of reasons, it’s tough for some to be able to afford the associated costs. By choosing the right plan, customers can generate significant savings. We remain committed to providing customers with added value and convenience that ensures customer satisfaction and lessens customer’s angst around their telco spend.”