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Square Enix shows off its PS5 content

A new game by Square Enix and Luminous Productions, called Project Athia, has debuted for PlayStation 5.

Square Enix has unveiled Project Athia (working title), the first game from its newly established studio, Luminous Productions. The game features an other-worldly adventure in development for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) system and PC.  It therefore feeds into the build-up to the much-anticipated launch of the PS5. 

Designed for PS5, Project Athia will harness the full power of the console and demonstrates Luminous Productions’ philosophy “to provide a gaming experience like never before”, fusing together the latest technology with art. 

At this stage, it’s difficult to tell what the game’s genre will be, but the visuals seem to the focus of the reveal. Square Enix says the game will transport players to a world filled with beauty and dismay as they set upon a thrilling story-led, action-packed adventure which can be twisted, tempestuous and forbidding. 

Project Athia is being developed simultaneously for PS5 and PC. To learn more about the game, visit:   

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