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Snugs has a Valentine’s Day gift

Snugs has discounted its four lines of earphone tips for Valentine’s Day.

For Valentine’s Day, Snugs has a discount code that takes off 20% on the purchase price of its 4 lines of ear tips to give to a loved one or to spoil oneself. The tips are SnugsGo, SnugsAqua (Protect), SnugsPro and SnugsMoto.

The SnugsGo are the company’s everyday wireless tips, designed for commuting or working out. The tips allow ambient noise to filter in to keep users aware of their surroundings and, Snugs claims, provide all-day comfort — along with the tips made to order to fit a specific ear.

The tips are customised for an individual’s ear through the use of the Snugs app. It uses AI to create ear tips by analysing pictures of the user’s ears. The SnugGo offer the least steps in obtaining custom-fit tips from the company.

The SnugsAqua (Protect) have a built-in awareness filter, allowing the user to hear their surroundings while protecting their ears when in water. However, the tips will require the user to go to an audiologist for a fitting to get the 3D file.

The SnugsPro provide noise isolation. Snugs claims the tips make them suitable for audiophiles and those wanting to reduce outside noise allowing users to listen to music at a lower volume. These tips require a visit to an audiologist for a 3D file of the user’s ear as they sit in the ear.

The SnugsMoto have been designed for motorcycle riders, with Snugs claiming that the tips remain comfortable when a helmet is worn, with a low-profile construction to sit flat in the ear — require a visit to the audiologist as well.

The discount code is VALENTINE20, with the SnugsGo costing approximately R2,000.

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