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TikTok booths come to SA

Free-to-use TikTok booths by Creative Agentz are located in Rosebank. This initiative aims to support growing local content creators.

Aiming to support local up-and-coming content creators and brands in producing for engaging their audiences, Creative Agentz in collaboration with TikTok have launched a content creation booth.

It is available for creatives to use free of charge at the Creative Agentz location in Johannesburg at The Zone @ Rosebank.

Alongside the TikTok space, Creative Agentz has also set up 16 other booths, with different designs and backdrops, creating different experiences in every booth.

The booths are approximately 12 square meters each and are equipped with Wi-Fi, a ring light and sound equipment. There are also Creative Agentz support staff on-site at all times to help visitors make the most out of the available tools.

The space is open to all on a first-come, first-served basis, all week from 9 am – 7 pm and from 10 am – 7 pm on public holidays. There is no set time limit allocated for each booth with visitors expected to be considerate and fair when sharing the space.

Boniswa Sidwaba, TikTok content operations manager in Africa, says that the company is happy to partner with Creative Agentz on what is an exciting opportunity for local content creators. “TikTok is a home for creative expression, dedicated to offering creators the best user experience possible by developing new technology and tools that empower them to create content while supporting their goals to build a native presence and reach a new audience. We’re glad to partner with Creative Agentz to introduce this fresh experience to support local creators and their creative ideas.”

Holly Nivison, creative director at Creative Agentz says: “We is proud to be working with an innovative platform like TikTok to support local talent… We welcome all kinds of talent and businesses to come to us with their ideas and help them make their vision a reality. We are also so grateful to The Zone @ Rosebank for giving us the perfect platform to make our dream a reality.”

“It’s been amazing to see how creators across various different artistic disciplines — from comedy and dancing to acting and lip-syncing — have utilised the booths. And better yet, we love to see users collaborate with one another to get their creative juices flowing — so long as they remember to share their videos on TikTok using the hashtag #createwithus.”

Creative Agentz states the space is 100% Covid-compliant with all users required to sign in with their details, get their temperatures taken, and make use of the available sanitisers in all booths — stations are also sanitised between uses.

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