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Snapchat gets SoundHound voice commands

SoundHound has enabled voice commands on Snapchat, which users can use to change hair and eye colour of their images by using voice.



SoundHound, the leading innovator in voice-enabled AI, has announced a partnership to add voice capabilities to Snapchat’s Scan platform.  

With Snapchat’s new Voice Scan feature powered by Houndify, Snapchatters can quickly find the right Lens to augment their faces or the world around them just by asking. 

“We are thrilled to be one of Snapchat’s first Scan platform partners and voice-enable one of their most powerful features,” says James Hom, Co-Founder & Vice President, Products at SoundHound. “With hundreds of thousands of Lenses available in the app, being able to just ask for a feature offers a powerful new way to discover new Lenses with the added convenience of being hands-free.” 

To access the new Voice Scan feature within the Lens carousel, users start by saying “Hey Snapchat”, followed by a verbal request.  

Front-facing examples:  

  • “Make my hair pink”  
  • “Give me green eyes”  
  • “Give me a hug”  

World-facing examples:  

  • “Take me underwater”  
  • “Take me to the jungle”  
  • “Take me to outer space”  

In addition to leveraging Houndify’s voice recognition capabilities, the Snapchat app uses Houndify’s Wake Word technology, allowing voice interactions to be triggered hands-free by saying, “Hey Snapchat.”  

SoundHound’s partnership extends back to June 2018 when their music discovery app became a launch partner for Snap Kit. Within the SoundHound app, users with Snapchat can create a customisable music Snap containing song details, effects that match the song, and a playback link.  

Developers interested in exploring Houndify’s independent voice AI platform can visit to learn more and register for a free account.  

To learn more about Snapchat’s new Voice Snap feature powered by Houndify, visit SoundHound Inc.’s Speech-to-Meaning blog.