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Any business that currently uses Pastel’s Payroll 2003 needs to know about the Pastel Skills and Equity Module. This add-on software, designed to complement Pastel Payroll for Windows, was developed to offer a complete solution for Skills Development and Employment Equity reporting, as required by the Department of Labour. STEVEN CHIABERTA takes a look at the product.

Once it’s installed, it’s ready to use.

It is quite user friendly. However, like Pastel Payroll, there are certain parts that you may need a bit of help with, and help might not be forthcomming. This leaves you having to figure some things out for yourself, which, with a bit of time, shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

It promises to enable you to report your company’s skills development and employment equity, and it delivers on that promise.

It’s definitely original in that it’s been designed for the Department of Labour’s benefit! The product itself, though, is functional, not fancy. It lets you go about the bland business of Skills Development and Employment Equity reporting, without any pleasant surprises to keep you awake.

The recommended retail price is available on request from Pastel Software’s sales team (see the telephone number below), or from Pastel resellers.

The Pastel Skills and Equity Module is available directly from Pastel Software. Tel: (011) 290 2700

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