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ULEAD PhotoImpact 8 Image Edition

While the world of image editing and web page creation is undoubtedly dominated by big names like Adobe PhotoShop and Macromedia Fireworks, Taiwanese company Ulead recently came out with its PhotoImpact 8 Image Edition. Steven Chiaberta tested the product and believes the small kid on the block is growing up fast.

After a relatively simple installation procedure, it’s all systems go.

This might be a subjective thing, but I think that this product is very easy to use. I found that I was able to do nearly everything I wanted, either by working it out for myself, or with a little help from the program itself. It didn’t take long to work things out, and this is always a pleasure ‚ to you and your bosses.

It does whatever it says it can do in an effective manner.

It has loads of new features and enhancements that make it a worthy successor to previous editions, so I would say that it is innovative from that perspective. However, one suspects that the competition can do whatever this product can…

At a recommended retail price of R1116-00, it is, like most products of this nature, fairly expensive. However, similar products are usually even more expensive than this, so I’d say you’re getting a reasonable deal.

The PhotoImpact 8 Image Edition is available directly from CompuTrolley. Tel: (011) 803-5632.

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