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Protection for the PC has become the single most important piece of software a business can own. All other programs, no matter how beneficial, are rendered useless if a virus strikes or a worm bites. STEVEN CHIABERTA takes a look at the latest protection offered to small businesses, Norton’s SystemWorks 2003 PRO OEM.

Once you’ve installed it, which is a fairly time-consuming exercise, your new defense system is fully operational and should be very effective.

Firstly, in terms of operation, it is not radically different from previous editions. Secondly, many of its functions occur automatically. So unless you haven’t come across Norton AntiVirus before, you should find it relatively easy to use.

It promises to protect your PC against virus threats, optimise performance, clean out Internet clutter, provide quick and easy system recovery, clone and upgrade computers, and send and receive faxes. It would seem to deliver, although I wasn’t attacked by the most recent threats, so personally the jury is still out.

It does lot of work in one go for an anti-virus system, so you be the judge. There are other products out there that will fulfill similar functions, but I don’t know of any one package that can do all of this as and is aimed specifically at the home user and small business. So from that perspective, I’d say it is an innovative product.

I must point out that your retailer will still have to order the CD OEM for you, and that this will take a week or two. Stockists currently supply a package that has all the utilities except Norton Ghost. This bundle costs R850-00, which is fair. Incredible Connection was unable to supply the price of the CD OEM at the time of going to press.

Norton’s SystemWorks 2003 PRO OEM is available from Incredible Connection stores countrywide. Tel: (011) 788-4715

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