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Shutterstock images now on Fiverr

Millions of commercially licensed images, videos, and music assets will now be available to the gig-working site’s customers and freelancers

Fiverr International now gives its gig-workers access to licensed images, videos and music from Shutterstock, providing freelancers who offer digital services instant access to millions of assets for commercial use.

Fiverr says it is committed to providing an expansive range of tools and resources to empower the platform’s community of freelance talent to do their best work. By providing access to Shutterstock’s inventory of creative assets for projects across a wide range of categories — from creative projects to tech services  — says Fiverr, it is taking another step to broaden the resources available to freelancers.

High-quality, licensed assets are essential for many services offered on Fiverr, and we have already seen freelancers on the site offering these assets as part of their packages – whether they’re focused on advertising, website development, social content and video production,” said Yoav Hornung, Director of Creative Verticals at Fiverr. “The millions of businesses that rely on Fiverr freelancers for their unique marketing and creative materials will now have the added reassurance that the powerful content available through Shutterstock is already correctly licensed for their commercial needs.”

Top-quality content will be available as an integral part of freelancers’ offerings for creative digital services. When the freelancer has delivered work to the customer that contains these assets, the customer will receive confirmation that the media used in their delivery is licensed for commercial use.

“As an intelligent creative platform, Shutterstock combines the highest-quality assets with predictive insights to serve as a creative partner to millions of users,” said Chip Schenck, Vice President, Platform & Innovation Solutions at Shutterstock. “We are thrilled to join forces with Fiverr to bring our vast library of licensable digital content to freelance talent around the world. Both Shutterstock and Fiverr are powered by creative communities, and we’re eager to showcase their talent and help them bring their best projects to life. This integration underscores the alignment in our goals and helps us better reach a wider audience of talent.”

All sellers with gig orders of relevant categories will have access to the Shutterstock content library, with the ability to try watermarked assets and license the assets of their choice.

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