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The School of Good & Evil

From director Paul Feig comes an epic tale of action, adventure, and friendship, based on Soman Chainani’s bestselling books.

Have you ever wondered where every fairytale begins?

If your mind draws a blank, in comes a fable that is loaded with the answers. Every so often, according to The School for Good & Evil, a selection takes place that sees children swept away from their ordinary reality and whisked to an institution that instructs them in becoming a future hero … or a villain. 

Best friends Sophie and Agatha find themselves on opposing sides of an epic battle when they are swept into an enchanted school where aspiring heroes and villains are trained to protect the balance between good and evil. Will their friendship stand the test of time and trouble? 

The School for Good & Evil is an exciting and quirky family fantasy movie that sees a dynamic Hollywood cast bring to life the bestselling novel of Somani Chainani’s book. 

Meanwhile, whether you’re good or evil, Spotify is celebrating the release of the movie with new listening experiences that immerse fans in the story of how great fairytales begin.  

The School for Good and Evil Official Playlist features a magical mix of the top hits from the movie, alongside composer Teddy Shapiro’s score. To make listeners feel closer to the classroom, exclusive content from the cast will be available on the playlist, which can be found on the Netflix Hub.


Sophia Anne Caruso 

Sofia Wylie

Charlize Theron

Kerry Washington 

Laurence Fishburne


2 hours 28 minutes

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