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Survive Sanguivores in new co-op horror

‘Sanguivore: Twenty Below’ by Forthright Entertainment and Blood Eater Games releases on Steam today.

Want to be relentlessly pursued by freakish abominations with an insatiable appetite for flesh and blood? Embark on a spine-chilling journey into Sanguivore: Twenty Below. The new co-operative horror game, by publisher Forthright Entertainment and developer Blood Eater Games, arrives on Steam today (1 December).

Survival hinges on a delicate balance of intelligence and camaraderie, as players must rely on both their wits and the strength of their bonds with companions. To escape this haunting experience is imperative, as failure leaves one vulnerable to becoming the next meal for these monstrous creatures.
Set within a nightmarish ‘puzzle complex’, Sanguivore: Twenty Below offers a series of escape rooms that progressively intensify in difficulty and scale, evolving from a single room to an entire town. To break free from this dire situation, players must collaboratively solve mind-bending puzzles, gather essential tools, and remain vigilant, all while evading the clutches of the horrifying Sanguivore.

The game offers a single-player experience, or the option to join forces with up to four friends and brave the horrors together. Players must forge an unbreakable bond of trust, for survival rests on the collective efforts of the group. Should any member fall prey to the Sanguivore, the rest must rally together to rescue them from impending doom. The path to freedom demands seamless teamwork as players navigate four distinct areas, each presenting unique challenges and offering multiple escape routes.
“It really is a mix of Escape Room meets Escape Town and working together as a team, solving puzzles and stealth is your primary focus whilst being hunted”, says Forthright Entertainment’s Ryan Waller. “The huge amount of fun we have had playtesting the game means we are sure fans of Horror co-op survival games will have an amazing time whilst we shape the game for the full release in 2024.”
Key Features:

  • Multiple solutions: Each level boasts various escape routes and solutions, encouraging players to explore different approaches for success.
  • Progression: Completing levels rewards players with experience and ‘shards’, unlocking special survivor skills, perks, and skins for an enhanced battle against the Sanguivore.
  • Collectible cards: Discover cards around the map, introducing additional challenges on subsequent runs to diversify gameplay.
  • Co-operative gameplay: Join forces with up to four friends for a collective effort to escape quickly and ensure no one is left behind.
  • The Sanguivore: Encounter the bloodthirsty vampires in the first instalment, with plans for additional monstrous adversaries in future maps.

The co-op horror game Sanguivore: Twenty Below is available on Steam at R118,00. However, those who purchase it before the end of 8 December will receive a 20% discount, making it about R95.

*Download the game on Steam here.
*For more information visit the Blood Eater Games website here.

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