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Relive the feeling of standing in line – in VR

Do you miss standing in queues with no social distancing? A new VR game called Line Simulator can help users relive the classic waiting feeling if you really are that desperate



The wait to wait is finally over. A virtual reality game called Line Simulator has an alpha demo available for free download. The game simulates the experience of standing in a queue in various situations. This game is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to wear a mask in public while standing as close as possible to other people. 

Developer Stracos Labs says the game helps users find humour in the ridiculous situations we find ourselves in our day-to-day interactions. From waiting in line to get to the bathroom to getting stuck in an amusement park line for several hours to ride a rollercoaster, Line Simulator has you covered. 

The experience was built for virtual reality and has a 3D rendered world with which to interact and play. From biting, hilarious dialogue to wild interactions with those standing in the line and the items around you, the time has never been better to get stuck in line. 

When downloading the demo, be mindful that the game is still in alpha and Stracos Labs needs feedback and criticism. Some helpful tips include: 

  • Giving your feedback and criticism to Stracos Labs to improve the game. 
  • Live stream your gameplay.  
  • Play the demo and reach out with any questions or comments you’d like their Creative and/or Development teams to address. 
  • Join their new Discord Community to participate in the daily discourse. You’ll also receive live updates straight from the team. 

The Line Simulator alpha demo is available for download at

And no, April 1 hasn’t suddenly returned, even if every day feels like it has.