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Princess Peach takes the lead

In the upcoming Nintendo game, Princess Peach must rescue the Sparkle Theatre with her transformative powers, writes JASON BANNIER.

In the action-adventure game Princess Peach: Showtime! the typical damsel in distress takes on the lead role. Princess Peach is often the rescued in various Mario video games but, this time, takes on the role of the rescuer and confronts formidable enemies. The game launches on 22 March for the Nintendo Switch system.

The story goes that “one day, a loyal Toad presents Princess Peach with a flyer advertising a show at the Sparkle Theatre. Peach and some Toads go to see it, but then the wicked Grape and Sour Bunch suddenly appear and steal the show. Now, it’s up to Peach to transform into the leading role and save the day.”

Players will witness Peach teaming up with Stella, the guardian of Sparkle Theatre, to thwart the wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch. Using the power of Sparkle, Peach must take on various roles, including a swordfighter, detective, ninja, patisserie, kung fu master, and cowgirl, to confront Grape’s evil acting troupe and save the theatre.

The princess has several dazzling transformations. Here are the latest four to be revealed:

  • Figure Skater Peach, gracefully gliding across the ice with practiced poise, executing quick-timed spins and jumps.
  • Dashing Thief Peach embarks on a daring performance, traversing and infiltrating with gadgets, adding thrills and espionage charm to the game.
  • Mermaid Peach takes centre stage beneath the sea, using her magical voice to control schools of fish and harmonise with an aquatic orchestra.
  • Mighty Peach transforms into a superhero, defending the locals with powerful punches and superhuman strength in an action-filled spectacle both in the sky and on the ground.

Coinciding with the game’s release, a set of pastel pink Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers will be available at select retailers for $79.99.

* “Princess Peach: Showtime!” is available now to prepurchase at R1,129.00 on the official Nintendo store here.

* Jason Bannier is a data analyst at World Wide Worx and writer for Follow him on Twitter and Threads at @jas2bann.

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