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Oppo goes over to the
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The Find series has finally reached South Africa, with a new flagship smartphone and Oppo’s first flip device available in Africa.

Oppo has launched the Find N2 Flip, the brand’s first foldable device available locally, in South Africa. It is also the first of the Find series, Oppo’s premium range, to be launched here, and the brand’s first vertical folding phone.

The Find N2 Flip offers the convenience of a smaller and more compact foldable design that can easily fit into a pair of jeans or a clutch bag.
It boasts the largest cover screen on any current flip phone, providing an enjoyable and immersive experience for videos, larger graphics for gaming and a clear view for navigation.

Its hinge is thinner, smaller and stronger than its predecessor and creases between the two halves of the screen are almost invisible. The Flexion Hinge can hold angles between 45 and 100 degrees. In FlexForm Mode, it can stand on its own like a tripod, making it ideal for content creators. It allows for low-angle shooting with a preview on the lower half of the main screen, or hands-free stable video calling.

The camera system, co-developed with Hasselblad Camera, includes a 50MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, and a 32MP selfie camera with autofocus. This enables the user to take high quality selfies with the main camera when the phone is closed and preview them using the cover screen.

It is equipped with a large 4,300mAh battery and 44W SuperVooc fast charging, allowing longer battery life and faster charging times. With fast charging, the user can recharge their smartphone to 50% in just 23 minutes.

The device has multitasking features, enabling users to reply to messages, adjust settings, and answer calls without opening the phone’s main screen.

Its fingerprint-resistant superior glass cover, and a micro-etched wave pattern across the hinge, further adds to its visual appearance. It will be available in classic black and shimmering glossy purple with polished aluminum sides.

With the Find N2 Flip, Oppo says, it is aiming at setting a new standard for cutting-edge smartphone innovation. Over the years, it has carried out research into several cutting-edge areas of technology, such as ray tracing technology to create more realistic images.

The company spent over four years experimenting on six prototypes of foldable phones, with a focus on style and functionality. The Find X was launched in 2018, and the Find N in 2022. It won a Disruptive Device Innovation (DDI) Award for its durability and ease of use.

“The Find N2 Flip is the epitome of how we define the ultimate premium experience.” says Liam Faurie, head of operations and go-to markets for Oppo South Africa. “We created this device to set the new premium standard for innovation worldwide.”

  • The Oppo Find N2 Flip is available from R1,199 per month at all network providers for the 8GB RAM and 256GB storage model.
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