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Nintendo Switch Lite now available

Gadget’s BRYAN TURNER got a hands-on experience with the Nintendo Switch Lite and it’s everything we hoped it would be.



Last week, the Nintendo Switch family of systems welcomed a new addition: the Nintendo Switch Lite. Players now have the ability to choose the Nintendo Switch system that suits their needs.

Earlier in the year, we covered the announcement of the new Switch Lite’s features, which have all been implemented as promised.

It feels like a premium console should, even though it is far more affordable. At launch, the Nintendo Switch sold for R6500, while the Switch Lite is currently retailing for R4000. And the Nintendo Guarantee of Quality shines through in this addition to its entire product range.

Compared to the original Switch, the big missing features are TV mode and detachable joycons. That said, this console is an ideal upgrade for those upgrading from the Nintendo DS, which was also exclusively handheld.

The original Nintendo Switch (above) and the Nintendo Switch Lite (below).

The integrated controls give the Switch Lite a very sturdy feel compared to the Switch, which is a massive plus for portability. The slightly smaller form factor is also a little more pocket friendly.

Overall, the portable gamer is in for a treat with this affordable handheld console.