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‘Affordable’ new Xbox revealed

The Xbox Series S has been revealed, with a $299 price tag for the next generation console.



The leaks had been piling up and Xbox has just confirmed them. First, Pringles revealed the price of the Xbox Series X, which is estimated to cost somewhere between $500 and $600. Now, Brad Sams of Thurrott has revealed the existence of a more affordable console option, going by the name Xbox Series S, which costs $299 and around half the price of the Series X. Just minutes ago, Microsoft took to Twitter to set the record straight and confirm the leaks. 

The Series S will mirror the Series X in CPU performance and SSD storage, but will have a reduced GPU in place. In June, The Verge reported that a second Xbox would target around 4 teraflops of graphics performance, which is three times less that of the Xbox Series X’s confirmed 12 teraflops. This translates to a lower resolution (most likely, no 4K gaming) and gaming at fewer frames per second (fps), most likely 120 fps.  

That said, a typical TV set is capped at 60 fps, so the average casual gamer will most likely be selecting the Series S instead of the pro-level Series X, which will be connected to a high refresh rate display. 

The Xbox Series S console’s design language follows on from the Xbox One S, with a similar white plastic design and a circular air vent on top. The console doesn’t appear to have a disc drive, similar to the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. 

This console is most likely designed for those who will be taking advantage of an Xbox Game Pass subscription, a service that allows users to play a library of games for as long as they pay for the service – which explains why the disc drive isn’t present. 

Exactly how much one is sacrificing in getting the Xbox Series S is not clear yet, but in November, Microsoft will demystify the exact difference between the flagship and its more affordable counterpart.