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The chase is on in ‘Need for Speed’ update

The race in Lakeshore is just getting started. Players will be able to tear up the streets with friends as ‘Need for Speed Unbound Volume 2’ launches tomorrow.

The race is just getting started! Players will be able to tear up the streets with friends as Need for Speed Unbound Volume 2 launches tomorrow, 21 March.

It will bring new ways to compare and compete with the squad in Lakeshore Online in the first in a series of post-launch updates.

Volume 2 will introduce new upgrades, events and Daily Challenges for the chance to gain XP, and Bank and rides, such as The Ultimate Luxury.

In Need for Speed Unbound – Volume 2, players will have access to new features and new rewards, including new rides and cosmetics. The update also delivers fresh ways to compete on Lakeshore’s streets with daily challenges, a variety of playlists and events – with cops roaming the streets in multiplayer – and new Keys to the Map DLC.

The following content is coming to Need for Speed Unbound – Volume 2:

  • New Ways to Hit the Streets: Enjoy a plethora of additional content, including Endurance Events and brand-new Rumble Races. Players can also provoke cops into thrilling high-speed multiplayer chases with the help of friends or turn the tables to play against them to earn the biggest rewards.
  • More Ways to Play: Compete in 40 new challenges, including 3 daily challenges to earn rewards including XP and Bank; players can also take on new Hot Laps circuits for an intense 30-second rush as they race against the clock to earn new reward content. New Playlist Events inject even more variety into the mix; complete Playlists to earn big rewards, including a Rare Custom Lotus Emira Balmain Edition.
  • Rewards: Players can show off their style on the streets of Lakeshore with new driving effects, poses, stickers and more.
  • Keys to the Map DLC: Available for $4.99, this DLC reveals the map location of all 260 collectibles (100 Bears, 80 Street Art, and 80 Billboards) and 160 activities. It also comes with an exclusive “Fury and Zen” clothing pack, including a jacket, T-shirt, sweatpants and cap.

Need for Speed Unbound is built for the new generation of technology and features 4K resolution at 60 FPS for the first time in the series. Volume 2 is set to go live on 21 March on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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