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Mobile World Congress

MWC: ZTE reveals Cloud AI Home Security Camera Pro

At Mobile World Congress this week, ZTE revealed a smart home security camera that employs cloud and AI functionality.

ZTE has announced its next-gen Cloud AI Home Security Camera Pro at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. At the same show, it landed the Best Connected Consumer Device award at the Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards.

ZTE’s new Cloud AI Home Security Camera Pro employs device-cloud collaboration technology whereby massive AI applications are deployed in the cloud and users can download them on demand. With this technology, the camera can deliver more functions and improved experiences for users.

The camera and cloud can jointly perform scenario analysis to boost analysis efficiency and save on computing resources. To back this promise up, users can harness the open platform with their existing AI hardware, which is part of ZTE’s commitment to helping build a smart care ecosystem.

The product has been deployed at scale in China, helping users guard homes, look after the elderly and children, and protect against theft and intrusions. 

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