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MWC: Huawei unveils enhanced Petal Maps

A new mobile map option has debuted at Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, showcasing a “full-scenario ecosystem with mapping services as the core”

Huawei has unveiled an enhanced version of Petal Maps, a map navigation system designed for global markets, at Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona. The solution leverages mobile phone hardware and intelligent algorithms to deliver enhanced mapping capabilities, including precise indoor and outdoor positioning, lane guidance, offline maps, 3D architecture (using Barcelona’s landmarks as a showcase), multi-terminal collaboration between smartphones and watches, and multiple “Nearby Life” services.

The Petal Maps platform has opened its map services and capabilities to developers and partners worldwide, providing full-scenario mapping solutions to companies and service providers in industries that depend on geographical positioning for their products and services.

The Petal Maps’ lane guidance feature assists drivers in accurately judging route changes when confronted by complex road scenarios, with timely reminders on when to switch lanes to avoid missing an exit or turn off. Petal Maps also provides an offline map function that allows drivers to search and navigate without an internet connection, ensuring worry-free navigation at all times through pre-downloaded map data.

It also offers a multi-terminal and multi-screen collaboration feature, with watch-coordination navigation that enables route guidance by lifting one’s wrist; the main screen displays the navigation while the cover screen provides quick access to notifications. 

Petal Maps’ visual presentation effects are achieved through the adoption of the original colour ring concept of the Practical Color Coordinate System (PCCS), which allows a realistic recreation of the natural world, while sharpening and heightening street and building details to deliver a more immersive user experience. Petal Maps highlights the colour contrast between different regions and routes, distinguishes cities from suburbs, and shows differentiation in altitude between adjacent roads. 

Petal Maps applied its 3D features processing to Barcelona’s eight key landmarks, including the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, Camp Nou stadium, and Plaça de Catalunya, to deliver great detail when viewing these locations.

Petal Maps has also partnered with many “life service” providers to provide access to multiple nearby services including taxi hailing, hotel reservations and food ordering, as well as information on local entertainment venues and places of interest.

Petal Maps has also integrated its own mapping and positioning capabilities, providing one-stop mapping service solutions to empower developers and partners. At present, the Petal Maps Platform comes loaded with 22 service capabilities, including indoor positioning, altitude and map editing for developers and operators in the taxi, food takeout, logistics, e-commerce, hotel, restaurant and social networking sectors, helping partners significantly reduce development costs.

Since its launch in 2020, the Petal Maps app has built a substantial footprint in more than 160 countries, with 20-million monthly active users worldwide.

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