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MWC: RAVPower Gallium Nitrate wall charger

RAVPower showcased its latest wall charger, which replaces silicon with Gallium Nitrate (GaN) to provide charging up to 2.5 times faster than current chargers.

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RAVPower claims the GaN charger is one of the most innovative chargers on the market. It utilises more-efficient gallium nitride for super-fast power delivery. Despite its advanced technology, it is one of the thinnest fast chargers on the market, at 14mm thick. 

It features universal compatibility to power the majority of fast-charge ready devices up to 2.5x faster than most of those available.

GaN electronics are far more efficient, generate less waste heat, and can sustain higher voltages than traditional silicon components. RAVPower harnessed the potential of GaN technology, provided by Navitas Semiconductor, to develop their thinnest wall charger yet. This space-saving model packs in advanced charging properties without sacrificing performance.