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MTN launches eVOD with eMedia

MTN and eMedia Investments, owners of eTV, have launched a new online streaming platform called eVOD.

The three-year partnership will allow audiences to see locally-produced dramas and movies on Android and Apple devices, in a combination of free and paid-for content.  

eMedia has developed the app while MTN will be driving the technology behind it. MTN customers who subscribe to eVOD will get 4GB of data free every month for the service, on both the free and subscription models of eVOD, until 31 January 2022. 

“At eMedia we continually strive to add value to our loyal viewers with variety and choice of content,” says Khalik Sherrif, CEO of eMedia. “We are delighted to now offer all audiences the means to watch free content on any device at any time with the option to upgrade for more exclusive viewing. Our partnership with MTN will also provide subscribers with affordable eVOD only data bundles.”

The app offers a new feature which allows viewers to Fast Forward and watch episodes of local shows in advance.

Some of the content will showcase locally-produced high-end dramas and movies that can only be seen on eVOD. The app also showcases exclusive Afrikaans dubbed dramas. Users can watch a wide variety of documentaries and catch up on old favourite shows. 

“Entertainment and viewing has evolved with On Demand video offerings,” says Ernst Fonternel, MTN South Africa chief digital officer. “We share the same belief that everyone deserves the benefit of connectivity and entertainment of their choice.”  

Sherrif says: “Over the years eMedia has constantly evolved its offering, from a single channel to a full satellite service, with 24hr news and now a free ‘over the top’ platform.”    

eVOD is available at and can also be downloaded from Google Play (Android) and iStore (Apple). MTN customers can download the phone app for free. 

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