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Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild — out now on Netflix

Humans, nature, and giant monsters coexist in the world while maintaining a careful balance.

The Monster Hunter series has gained explosive popularity around the globe since the release of the PlayStation 2 game Monster Hunter by Capcom in 2004. These hunting action games have sold a total of 72 million copies across the entire series (as of 31 March 2021), and took the world by storm by developing cooperative gameplay between players through hunting monsters in beautiful natural locales.

Capturing the setting of the game, this film is set in a world where humans, nature, and giant monsters coexist while maintaining a careful balance.

A young man named Aiden, who calls himself a hunter, protects his isolated village. One day, he learns that his village is threatened by an Elder Dragon, a monster cloaked in mystery. Needing to find a way to save his village, Aiden leaves his home and sets off on a journey into the unknown alongside Julius, a first-rate hunter and member of the Hunter’s Guild, and his companions…

Thus begins an original story that shines the spotlight on characters in the world of Monster Hunter who have remained in the background until now.

The protagonist of this title, Aiden, is the same character as the Ace Cadet in Monster Hunter 4 and the Excitable A-Lister in Monster Hunter: World. This film tells his story from the time before he became a full-fledged hunter.

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