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Mate Xs makes a folding breakthrough

The many innovations on Huawei’s new foldable flagship sets a new smartphone course

The Huawei Mate Xs 2 s breakthrough foldable flagship smartphone design and craftsmanship reveal that innovative technology is still making a significant mark on the smartphone market in 2022. 

The handset boasts an array of evolved design aesthetics, smart communications, imaging technology and a dynamic large-screen interactive experience. 

It restores Huawei’s classic outward folding design, bringing minimalism to its smooth fold, along with an innovative 3D fibreglass design for more refined textures. This creates a soft touch while reducing smudges from fingerprints.

Despite being, in effect, two screens folded into one, it is as comfortable in the hand as regular slim smartphones that use rounded edges.

A Graphene liquid cooling system assists in cooling down the smartphone after hours of music playback or other activity, like video streaming. The audio-visual experience is further enhanced by the new AI Sound Engine and ultra-thin, large-amplitude stereo speakers, which create a surround sound field and an immersive audio experience. 

A unique Mirror Shooting smart function allows users to preview shots in real-time through the digital viewfinder of the camera, on both screens simultaneously. The Mate Xs 2 is equipped with a new generation of AI Remove for editing photos, allowing users to click on objects for quick removal. Further, the integration of the telephoto camera and ultra-wide angle lens allows both distant and wide views to be captured in one shot.

Of course, the folding action itself is the stand-out innovation: the Mate Xs adopts a new dynamic folding visual effect. When unfolded, the desktop screen automatically expands and, when folded, the screen remains clear and smooth, with no transition. An upgraded Smart Multi-Window function provides easier interactions and higher efficiency, while the split-screen function supports using two applications in parallel to improve efficiency and free operation. A Swipe gesture supports easy access to and control of the floating windows, allowing multi-tasking with a quick swipe. With its large screen and coupled hands-free function, it brings an immersive communication experience to high-definition video calls.

The Huawei Mate Xs 2 continues to redefine and reform industry standards. As such, it underpins what Huawei says is its leadership position in delivering innovations that grant users an extraordinary product experience.

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