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MakerBot puts 3D printers in classrooms

MakerBot’s Sketch Classroom is a 3D printer that’s designed to be used in education, to increase students’ access to 3D printing.



MakerBot, a global leader in 3D printing, has launched the MakerBot Sketch Classroom, designed to be the most reliable 3D printing setup for the classroom. The Sketch Classroom goes beyond the hardware and incorporates MakerBot’s education ecosystem, providing educators and students with the tools and resources they need to learn about new technologies.

Teachers are facing significant challenges in preparing students for a rapidly changing job market. Skill sets such as problem-solving and design thinking are high in demand; however, many students today lack those skills. 3D printing can be used to teach critical thinking, but there is a sharp learning curve to using 3D printing in the classroom. In addition, the challenging printer-to-student ratio in a classroom requires a different workflow setup for effective deployment.

It addresses the challenges of 3D printing in the classroom with a solution that includes interactive certification courses for teachers and students that trains them on how to use the MakerBot Sketch 3D printer.

The 3D printer offers a new workflow solution that addresses the printer-to-student ratio challenge and provides a better setup for effective deployment. The included software suite provides print design, preparation, and management as a single solution out of the box. Students are able to submit their designs via MakerBot Cloud through their MakerBot account on, and teachers can manage, queue up and monitor their students’ 3D printing projects.

The Sketch Classroom includes:

A set of two MakerBot Sketch 3D printers, with each featuring a fully-enclosed printing chamber, a heated and flexible build plate, a particulate filter, touchscreen capabilities, on-board camera, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Licenses for two teachers’ and ten students’ licenses for the MakerBot Certification programs, which certify teachers in printer operations and curriculum creation and educates students in 3D printing, innovative design thinking, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

Thingiverse Education, access to over 600+ 3D printing lesson plans created by educators and designed for several grade levels and subjects, and the largest active 3D printing educator community.

Compatibility with MakerBot PLA and Tough materials; available in a wide range of colours, including yellow, blue, red, white, and grey.

“With SKETCH, we are changing the way 3D printing is used in schools and advancing the possibilities of learning to boost student innovation,” says Nadav Goshen, CEO, MakerBot. “We believe that SKETCH Classroom is the best 3D printing setup for the classroom, with an ideal student-to-printer ratio, making 3D printing more accessible to students, and setting educators up for 3D printing success.”

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