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Magnum Quest fans are in for a treat

Fantasy adventure game Magnum Quest adds awesome new features and a giveaway event

Publisher and developer TuYoo Games has unveiled a new update and in-game event for its game: Magnum Quest. The game combines idle tactical combat gameplay with card-based mechanics, utilising personality-packed hero characters and challenging players to delve deadly dungeons, explore wintery wilds, and face off against fearsome foes. Each character faces off against opponents in fully rendered 3D battles of magic and might. If you’re a fan of tabletop and digital fantasy RPGs, you will love Magnum Quest on mobile.

Included in today’s update is a bevvy of new features and content, including more open-world elements, guild battles, equipment crafting, and a new feature — Idle Dispatch. These new gameplay elements are expanding Magnum Quest in ways that make it far beyond a traditional idle game and add more tactical combat to it while enhancing the RPG elements of the game.

TuYoo Games provided the following information on Magnum Quest‘s update:

  • It’s a Bigger World Out There: New open-world elements mean there’s more for players to explore, be it dangerous jungles and winter wastelands, to creepy dungeons and sinister ruins
  • Guild vs. Guild Battles: Player-vs-player combat is now a part of the game for those interested in pitting their guilds against each other.
  • Idle Dispatch: Magnum Quest is an idle game, and this update adds more idle gameplay. Players can send different teams to explore and get more placement rewards through the non-main characters they develop.
  • Forge Your Destiny: A new crafting and forging system will let you create special and powerful weapons and gear 

To celebrate the update, the Magnum Quest team is launching an “Endless Free Summons” event where players will be able to earn free cards to enhance their characters. The 1000 draw raffle will run for the next 30 days.

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