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Logitech G502 X Plus: aesthetic but competitive gaming mouse

An ideal high-performance gaming mouse with top of the range features, customisation options and a comfortable fit, writes JASON BANNIER.

What is it?

The Logitech G502 X Plus is a gaming mouse that uses the latest technology to provide a more responsive experience.

Logitech says its Lightforce Switches create an “ultimate gaming performance with unprecedented speed, precision, and reliability — and incredibly definitive actuation feedback”. They allow for “reliable, ultralow latency optical actuation plus the best attributes of mechanical for a crisp, tactile click”.

Its Hero 25K sensor enhances tracking capabilities, speed and reliability. The battery has a claimed 130-hour duration with constant motion and 37-hour duration with RGB lighting enabled. Like others, the mouse can still be used while charging, and charges quickly. It is also compatible with Logitech’s Powerplay, a mousepad designed to charge the mouse wirelessly.

It weighs in at 106g, but despite being slightly heavier than other mice, it glides effortlessly across the mousepad. A dual-mode scroll wheel allows for a choice between the typical incremental scroll or a super smooth scrolling option. A removeable DPI-shift button with two placement options appears near the thumb position on the mouse – great for quick access to DPI changes during fast paced gameplay.

Although “ergonomic” is often used to describe a gaming mouse to emphasise its comfortability through design, the G502 X Plus falls perfectly into this category of having both fantastic design and pleasant comfort. The wireless capability of the mouse adds a layer of freedom and creates a noticeable feel of increased precision.

Not only is the mesmerising 8-zone RGB lighting customisable in terms of colours, brightness and patterns (pre-sets are available), but the mouse also allows for 13 programmable controls. Using Logitech’s G Hub software, up to 5 onboard memory profiles can be tailored to one’s liking for an outstanding gaming experience. The mouse automatically swaps between customised button layouts when entering different games or applications for which one has set specific keybinds.

The G502 X Plus gaming mouse is a phenomenal peripheral and should be considered if you are looking to buy an aesthetic, yet competitive, gaming mouse.

How much does it cost?

The Logitech G502 X Plus is available in black or white at a recommended retail price of R3,199 ($160 through the Logitech website, excluding delivery).

Why does it matter?

Gamers generally consider competitive edge, comfort and appearance when purchasing a peripheral. Logitech’s G502 X Plus caters to these gamer needs with its latest technology.

What are its biggest negatives?

  • For those who are indifferent towards appearance, RGB lighting would be an unnecessary luxury.
  • Larger than other gaming mice, but still a reasonable size.
  • More expensive than other gaming mice, but equivalent to those with similar high-end features.

What are its biggest positives?

  • Comfortable design in terms of structure and feel.
  • Unrestricted movement, despite being slightly heavier than other mice, (and it is wireless).
  • Beautiful appearance enhanced by elegant RGB lighting.
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