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Logitech Harmony Express Remote

Universal remotes just got a lot smarter. Logitech’s Harmony Express Remote controls a vast range of devices with Amazon Alexa’s voice commands.

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The remote features a press-and-ask button to launch streaming apps, change channels, find out when the next La Liga soccer game is, along with all the other tasks Alexa can do.

It can control devices like smart TVs, media streamers, and game consoles—as well as traditional home theatre equipment. It comes with an IR mini-blaster to extend control to devices positioned within closed cabinets, making sure the remote doesn’t have to be pointed at the device to operate it. 

It wouldn’t be a remote if it didn’t love to go missing under the couch or between cushions. Luckily, the mobile app has a Remote Finder and it will make an audible tone to let you know where it’s gone hiding. Owners with existing Alexa devices can ask Alexa to find their lost remote.

The device has launched in the US for $250. Local availability and price has not been announced.

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