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Lockdown inspires backyard football game

A new lockdown-inspired American Football mode called The Yard allows users to play backyard football in Madden NFL 21.



EA Sports has announced a new way to play in Madden NFL 21 with The Yard, a dynamic mode for players to experience backyard football with fast-paced, small-sided gameplay. In this new lockdown-inspired feature, players will be able to create a custom avatar to outfit in gear; and pull off trick plays, such as behind the back throws and double passes. 

With the Madden NFL 21 Mobile app, players can kick off their experience and create their avatar in The Yard: Underground to begin earning rewards by playing a single-player, narrative journey with 5-on-5 football gameplay. When Madden NFL 21 launches on 28 August for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, gameplay in The Yard will centre on 6-on-6 backyard-inspired football. 

While the gameplay on mobile and console is different, the goal in The Yard and The Yard: Underground remains the same, get the win with style. Plus, players can connect their accounts and access their avatar, gear, in-game currency, and Madden Rank via a shared inventory system in The Yard: Underground on mobile and The Yard.  

“We wanted to create a new way for players to express themselves and take on small-sided football in an arcade-style experience that’s completely new to Madden,” says Seann Graddy, executive producer of Madden NFL 21. “The Yard is fast, thrilling and most importantly fun. Players will delve into all new gameplay on mobile and on consoles that will bring to life the backyard football that NFL players and fans grew up loving, where the rules are relaxed, and you can win with attitude.” 

House rules are the name of the game and creativity after the snap is where The Yard’s all-new gameplay takes full effect. New animations lead to momentum-shifting moments, where players can run up the score with extended play combinations. In the Gillette Style Zone, players will be able to customise their avatar, including facial hair, hairstyle and more, to express their individuality.  

Download the Madden NFL 21 Mobile from the App Store or via Google Play to jump into The Yard: Underground to get started and take on solo challenges.