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LG TV digital-ready for SA

LG Electronics South Africa (LG) has announced its entire TV range selection is fully digital-ready, enabling consumers to migrate from the current analogue format to a digital signal without the need for additional devices.

This announcement comes as a result of the government’s Department of Communication digital migration programme, which mandates broadcast platforms in SA must switch the signal from current analogue to digital by December 2018.

This means more channels, superior picture quality and improved sound, plus a digital TV guide with updated schedules. In addition to accessing free-air channels offered by SABC and Etv, LG’s digital-ready TVs also offer access to interactive services such as games, weather and information services.

“With our rich history of investing in the latest innovation and being at the forefront of technological change in our market, we decided to evolve our TV range to be fully-digitally enabled to provide customers with a better experience,” said Dean Daffue, Go-To-Market Manager at LG Electronics South Africa. “We believe in simplifying and improving the lives of our consumers by not only offering premium technology, but by keeping up with the global and local trends.”

Purchasing an LG digital-ready TV

With selected models of LG TV’s, consumers will not be required to purchase the set-top box separately, which is required when transforming your current analogue television set to digital. Consumers can look out for the Go Digital logo which indicates the TV is ready for digital migration.

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