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Intel’s mobile graphics family arrives

The latest mobile graphics platforms from Intel promise a major leap in laptop and mobile gaming experiences.

For decades, Intel has been a champion for PC platform innovation. It has delivered generations of CPUs that provide computing horsepower for billions of people. Through advanced connectivity through features like USB, Thunderbolt and Wi-Fi. And in partnership with the PC ecosystem, Intel developed the ground-breaking PCI architecture and the Intel Evo platform, pushing the boundary for what mobile products can do.

Intel is uniquely positioned to deliver PC platform innovations that meet the ever-increasing computing demands of professionals, consumers, gamers and creators around the world. Now, it takes the next big step.

It is launching the Intel Arc graphics family for laptops, completing the Intel platform. These are the first discrete GPUs from our Intel Arc A-Series graphics portfolio for laptops, with our desktop and workstation products coming later this year. You can visit its newsroom for the launch video, product details and technical demos.

Intel provided the following information on the latest mobile graphics platform technology:

  • New Laptops with Intel Arc Graphics: Intel has partnered with top OEMs to co-engineer an amazing lineup of laptops that feature new and improved gaming and content creation capabilities with Intel Arc graphics and 12th Gen Intel Core processors. Many new systems with Intel Arc 3 graphics will feature the Intel Evo platform’s trademark responsiveness, battery life and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity in thin-and-light form factors. Laptops with Intel Arc 3 graphics offer enhanced 1080p gaming and advanced content creation, and those with Intel Arc 5 and Intel Arc 7 graphics will offer the same cutting-edge, content-creation capabilities coupled with increased graphics and computing performance. The first laptops with Intel Arc 3 GPUs are available to preorder now and will be followed by the more powerful designs with Intel Arc 5 and Intel Arc 7 graphics in early summer.
  • Unleashing the Laptop Platform: The foundation of products with Intel Arc A-Series GPUs and the platform-level approach to graphics innovation starts with the new Xe High Performance Graphics microarchitecture (Xe HPG), which is engineered for gamers and creators. It has packed a ton of great technology into Xe HPG, including powerful Xe-cores with Intel XMX AI engines, a graphics pipeline optimised for DirectX 12 Ultimate with hardware acceleration for ray tracing, the Xe Media Engine tuned to accelerate existing and future creator workloads and the Xe Display Engine ready for DisplayPort 2.0 UHBR10.
    • Intel Xe Matrix Extensions (XMX) AI engines provide more compute capability for accelerating AI workloads. These AI engines have 16 times the compute to complete AI inferencing operations when compared to traditional GPU vector units, which can increase performance in productivity, gaming and creator applications.
    • Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) is Intel’s solution that leverages the power of Intel Arc graphics’ XMX AI-engines to deliver high-performance, AI-accelerated upscaling. XeSS is a novel upscaling technology that uses deep learning to synthesise images that are very close to the quality of native high-res rendering. XeSS is coming in the summer and will be supported on all products with Arc A-Series graphics.
    • Intel Arc A-Series GPUs are the first in the industry to offer full AV1 hardware acceleration, including both encode and decode, delivering faster video encode and higher quality streaming while consuming the same internet bandwidth. Intel has worked with industry partners to ensure that AV1 support is available today in many of the most popular media applications, with broader adoption expected this year. The AV1 codec will be a game changer for the future of video encoding and streaming.
    • It has integrated Intel Deep Link technologies to enable Intel Arc GPUs to work seamlessly with Intel CPUs and integrated graphics for a performance improvement across gaming, creating and streaming workloads. Intel Deep Link enables dynamic power sharing, intelligently distributing power across the platform to increase application performance up to 30% in creation and compute-intensive applications.1 With Hyper Encode and Hyper Compute, Deep Link allows multi-engine acceleration in transcoding and AI tasks. 
  • Community Experiences: Intel Arc graphics are more than another piece of hardware in one’s PC. They are the portal to play and create. Intel says it has a dedicated team focused on delivering Day 0 game-ready drivers, which you’ll be able to track in the new Intel Arc Control interface, an all-in-one hub that puts you in full control of the gaming experience. Intel Arc Control includes custom performance profiles, built-in streaming, a virtual camera, integrated Game ON driver downloading, automatic game capture, and more. The app supports Intel Iris Xe graphics and Intel Arc GPUs for a unified software experience. Intel is making a growing portfolio of Intel-optimised games and multimedia applications available to discrete graphics customers through special launch bundles. Bundles will vary based on the system and the region, but the first of these gamer and creator bundles is rolling out in April with the launch of the A-Series mobile products. 
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