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IFA 2020: TCL shows off new audiovisual processor

At IFA 2020 in Berlin this week, TCL showed off the AiPQ Engine Gen 2, its new intelligent audiovisual processor, which enabled real-time audiovisual optimisation for content shown on TVs.

TCL Electronics presented its latest product set at IFA 2020 Global Press Conference with the TCL’s AiPQ Engine Gen 2, the newest intelligent audiovisual processor from the brand, among a full range of smart home appliances and highly anticipated sponsorships under a theme of “Switch on Possibility”.

Driven by machine-learning algorithms matched with vast knowledge in human visual perception, TCL’s AiPQ Engine Gen 2 switches on the full potential of TCL’s big screen TVs with real-time audiovisual optimisation according to various entertainment content genres and ambient watching environments.

When combined with TCL QLED and Mini-LED technology, AiPQ Engine Gen 2 enables customers to enjoy upscaled non-4K TV content with TCL’s 4K display capacities as well as powerful colour and contrast performance. With the addition of AI Super Resolution upscaling functionality (AISR), frame by frame of non-4K content allows upscaling of low-resolution material to reach 4K quality.

Intelligent Performance

TCL AiPQ Engine Gen 2 automatically optimises picture setting according to recognized content type and scenarios such as green landscapes, night scenes, animation, and motion as well as adjusts settings separately for facial and background content.

AiPQ Engine Gen 2’s audio engine, in addition to its content recognition capabilities and constant adaptation of settings, also has a unique way of detecting ambient environment through the TV mics. Volume will automatically adjust based on the surrounding environment and ambient sounds.

TCL is also expanding its mobile portfolio with two tablets. Eric Beton – Director Marketing TCL Mobile Europe announced the TCL 10 TAB MAX and MID, while the new-tech “eye-openers” included a new reflective (no backlight) tablet – TCL NXT PAPER, and a rollable OLED smartphone display.

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