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IFA 2020: Human touch counts in tech

At IFA 2020, Euronics’ president Hans Carpels was asked about the key issues that stemmed from the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Our aim has been to stay as close as possible to our consumers,” says Capels. “Providing them the tools required for smart working and e-learning, and as well any other product which could make the house more comfortable and cosy. Our territorial presence, vicinity to consumers, dedicated service and relations… our human touch… have proven to be successful and appreciated, so our strategy is paying back.”

What will be your star product categories heading up to Christmas?

IT devices will still be in demand, but also household appliances and value added CE. COVID 19 has created a cocooning effect and consumers had time to notice which products in their home weren’t delivering the right value.”

What are your thoughts on the initiative by IFA to run a live show despite all the challenges?

“It is a milestone in our industry. We deeply respect the efforts and we will honour with our presence.”

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