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Roku, Jabra, Belkin, take ShowStoppers award at IFA

Researchers Omdia gave the Innovation Award to products that demonstrate creativity and vision through design and ability to solve a problem.

Well-known consumer brands like Roku, Jabra, Belkin, were among the winners of the Innovation Awards presented to exhibitors at ShowStoppers during the IFA 2023 expo in Berlin last week. 

The Omdia Innovation Award was given to products that demonstrated creativity and vision through their design, ability to solve a problem, longevity and potential market opportunity.

The big names were joined by relative newcomers. The  full list of winners was:

  • Roku
  • Aiper
  • GN Audio GmbH Germany (Jabra)
  • Ambient Photonics
  • Belkin International
  • Woan Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
  • Fairphone B.V.
  • Shokz Holding Limited

ShowStoppers provided the following information on each of the winners, as well as runners-up in several categories:

Winner – Audio Technologies, Mobile Communications and Home Entertainment Hardware


A Roku TV is a smart TV made easy with quick access to your favourite entertainment. With a customizable home screen and simple search, it’s easy to find something to watch fast. There’s no need to juggle remotes between your TV and streaming player and audio device—each Roku TV comes with a no-nonsense remote with everything you need to control your TV, streaming, and sound. Don’t make it complicated—Roku TV is the smarter choice!

Winner – Omdia Judges Choice Award 


Expanding their portfolio of pool cleaning products, Aiper debuted at IFA 2023 its first cordless robotic pool skimmer, the Surfer S1. Ridding pool surfaces of debris, the Surfer S1 is a smart, solar powered robot that provides up to 10-hours of efficient surface cleaning. Added features are available with the accompanying free mobile app. Customizable, choose from two cleaning modes, including automatic cleaning or remote cleaning to manually pilot the device via the app to target elusive debris. In addition to the eco-friendly solar charging, the Surfer S1 has magnetic charging in the event of overcast skies. Addressing consumer pain-points, the robot also features anti-beaching columns that prevent it from getting stuck. The Surfer S1 was unveiled at IFA 2023 and will launch in Q1 2024.

Available now, Aiper also provided demos of its award-winning Seagull Series line of cordless robotic pool cleaners, designed to clean the pool floor and walls.

Winner – Digital Health, Fitness, and Wearables


Jabra showcased its latest additions to the Elite range of true wireless earbuds. We’ll also unveil our brand-new Jabra Elite 8 Active and Jabra Elite 10.

Winner – Sustainability


Ambient Photonics displayed its groundbreaking low-light, high-power density solar cells, which eliminate the need for disposable batteries in connected devices as well as Ambient-powered remotes, keyboards, electronic shelf labels.

UEI Eterna Remote

UEI’s award-winning Eterna remote is a revolutionary, environmentally-friendly entertainment controller that leverages Ambient’s cells for endless energy from indoor light.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)

Ambient’s cells transform ESLs from programmable price displays into battery-free connected devices that generate dynamic customer data to bring web-like agility to physical stores while lowering operational costs.


Next-generation, Ambient-powered keyboards achieve a lower carbon footprint, but without sacrificing functionality or features. They also utilise a new type of scissor-style switch technology for ultra-quiet and responsive typing.

Winner – Home Office Hardware and Accessories


Belkin unveiled the latest across its portfolio, underscoring Belkin innovation, quality, and its commitment to building products more responsibly.

Winner – Omdia Judges Choice Award 

Runner up – Sustainability 


Fairphone introduced a phone that’s designed for you and made fair: The Fairphone 5.

It’s durable and sleek. Like all Fairphone devices, it’s built to last: you enjoy using it so much that you hold on to it for longer. And when you do, it’s good for the planet. For the first time, we use a Qualcomm long-life chipset for long-lasting performance and a promise of eight years of software support and security upgrades. This means that we will guarantee a future proof performance until 2031. Its modular construction and spare parts ensure anyone can make repairs. Fairphone 5 has increased modularity with 10 modules, both wide and ultra wide cameras are individually repairable and SIM and SD slots are two new spare parts that are now user exchangeable as part of the top unit. Fairphone 5 has a five year warranty, ensuring users have support for years to come. It is also the fairest phone yet, integrating 70% of 14 focus materials from fair or recycled sources.

Winner – Smart Home, Home Appliances, and Robotics SwitchBot

SwitchBot Floor Cleaning Robot S10: The world’s first fully automated floor cleaning robot with an auto water refill and drain system.

SwitchBot S10 is the world’s first fully automated floor cleaning robot with auto water refill and drain. Its innovative compact water station is adaptable to kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room plumbing, and installation only takes a few minutes. S10 has the best cleaning performance, with high suction power, auto empty, self-cleaning mop and auto mop drying. S10 is also the world’s first robot capable of refilling a humidifier.

Winner – Omdia Judges Choice Award 

Runner up – Audio Technologies, Mobile Communications and Home Entertainment Hardware



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