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Huawei MateView GT: great visuals meet great sound

The Huawei MateView GT doesn’t stop at having great visuals — its integrated high-fidelity soundbar enhances the viewing experience.



The curved Huawei MateView GT 34-inch Sound Edition ultrawide high-refresh monitor breaks down every stereotype of what displays are supposed to be about. Integrating a soundbar design, it creates an immersive audio and video experience for gamers, content creators, and those looking to consume great entertainment.

Packed with specs and features, the display builds on the reputation of Huawei Mate Series products that have become synonymous with cutting-edge technology that provides the ultimate user experience.

Each generation of the Mate Series is an expression of Huawei’s cutting-edge technology, representing each new step of the company’s technological progress. The organisation has already accumulated comprehensive technological expertise in the fields of smartphones, laptops, wearables, and tablets. With the MateView GT, Huawei is extending this reputation for innovative technologies and quality craftsmanship into a new category of displays.

The luxury sports car of 34-inch curved displays

The ‘GT’ moniker has built up a connotation with high-performance sports cars. However, Huawei has brought the high power, speed, and luxury of a GT to gaming monitors, breathing new life into the traditional monitor industry.

Simply put, the Huawei MateView GT is a high-end product with a luxury feel and appearance, a sports-car-like design and outstanding levels of performance and reliability. In the world of gaming, where every second counts, speed can be the deciding factor in every game.

With a 165Hz gaming-grade refresh rate, the MateView GT is streaks ahead of its competitors, giving gamers a sizeable speed advantage when competing. It also features Dark Field Control that instantly lights up the battlefield with a three-position adjustable display, giving enemies concealed in dark corners nowhere to hide.

It also supports Crosshairs that helps gamers quickly aim at their enemies and shoot. The display’s five-way joystick is also intuitive and easy to operate and offers seven display modes.

More of everything

Featuring narrow bezels, an ultrawide aspect ratio of 21:9, and an ultimate curvature of 1500R that is highly in line with human eye, the HUAWEI MateView GT delivers users an ultimate immersive viewing experience.

This enables people to multi-task more easily and efficiently. For instance, when editing video footage, users can work on a longer track at once and can quickly adjust and switch tracks with ease.

The HUAWEI MateView GT is capable of rendering 90% of the DCI-P3 cinematic colour gamut, the cinema industry’s recognised wide colour gamut standard and one of the current colour standards for digital movie playback devices. Effectively this means that the display can reproduce colours more accurately as well as more authentic content.

An audio blast

But it is not only in the visual space where the Huawei MateView GT excels. It uses a unibody soundbar connected with the screen through a rack. Think of it as a monitor base and dual speaker at the same time. The design consists of two full-range speakers with 2.0 soundtrack support. Two speakers are positioned on the left and right to create immersive surround sounds.

In addition, the 20V high voltage power amplifier allows the diaphragm inside the speakers to vibrate more intensely. This results in an impressive volume of up to 84.9dB, which is much louder than other speakers of the same class.

Huawei’s acoustic engineers have also optimised the algorithms to deliver the best sound effects for different user scenarios. Using the five-way joystick, users can adjust the best-suited sound effect for musical enjoyment, movies, gaming, and calls.

It adopts a smarter and simpler way for volume adjustment via touch controls. Coupling with funky lighting, the soundbar visualises the current volume level to the user for a swift adjustment and allows for an enhanced, much more intuitive user experience. Users can also switch on the silent mode instantly via a double tap on the soundbar.

The soundbar also features an RGB lighting hub with 36 individually addressable RGB lights, offering an extensive range of colour-changing options. That said, the users can customise their desirable lighting effects to suit any mood, whether it is high-paced gaming, winding down to classical music, or getting their groove on while performing video editing.

Two-way sound

The MateView GT’s built-in dual-microphone array supports intelligent sound pickup, offering the best-suited voice interaction for all gamers.

It also supports automatic background noise cancellation to improve the sound quality in both calls and games. Along with features Automatic Short-distance Enhanced Control algorithms to enable a four-metre sound pickup.

For expandability, the MateView GT comes with a range of ports, including a 3.5mm audio jack for headphone and microphone, two HDMI 2.0 display ports, a DisplayPort 1.4 port, a USB Type-C for charging, and a full-featured USB Type-C port that is rare in its class.

  • The Huawei MateView GT is priced at R13,999 and can be purchased on the Huawei Store (online) and at Incredible Connection. The display is also available at Vodacom on a 36-month contract at R379 per month.
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