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How to access freelance work in Africa

South African tech freelance collective BeyondMedia is hosting a LinkedIn live event for freelancers, journalists, and consumers of tech news.

On 13 July 2021, freelance journalists from all across the Africa will come together in the BeyondMedia Freelance conference to gain new skills, create meaningful connections and celebrate the power of the community to make a difference.

In a current and post Covid future, the freelancing community has proven, time and again, its ability to be a valuable resource to newsrooms, clients and small businesses.

“BeyondMedia aims to solidify our position in becoming Africa’s #1 freelance recruitment agency that solves the employment, economic and health problems of today,” says the founder, Zola Brunner.

BeyondMedia says it is sending this invitation to all freelancers, journalists and consumers of tech news to join this event that is much needed as a means to repair and reshape the new world of working opportunities. The continent needs to rejuvenate its economy and freelancers are a gateway to this.

Register and learn about:
🗣️ Reaching out to clients (Panel led by leading agencies across Africa)
🤝 Determining your rate (panel discussion with SAFREA – South Africa Freelance Association)
📸 Establishing contracts with clients (Advice from established law firms)
📈 Establishing financial security (Discovery Financial Advisors)

“Our reasoning to launch and host an Africa-wide conference is quite simple” says Brunner.

To register for the event, visit:

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