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As it becomes more important than ever to keep personal information private, the Honor Magic V2 highlights privacy with new AI features.

Privacy has always been a highly valued commodity in society – but since the inception of the internet, and the subsequent apps that collect an individual’s personal information, privacy has become more and more fleeting.

The digital age has brought so many advantages, such as convenience and efficiency, but in the same breath, it has also raised many concerns around the protection of personal information. From social media accounts to online payments to even a simple Google search, every interaction creates a digital footprint that can potentially be exploited. 

According to a piece by Broadband Search, the four main privacy concerns are data breaches, information commodification, pervasive surveillance by companies and government agencies, and erosion of anonymity.

Honor, which has positioned itself as a leading smart device brand and advocate for generative AI technology, says it has actively monitored the privacy conversation, taking special care to understand the concerns of society. Knowing that privacy is a basic right, Honor says, it has made privacy protection a prerequisite for all its products and services. 

From conceptualisation to the final product, privacy considerations are embedded into every R&D step to provide users with autonomous control over their personal information.


To start with, personal information collected by the Honor Magic V2 is very minimal and relevant in relation to the purposes in which they are processed. This includes full name, cell number, email address and Honor ID information, retained by the brand for a minimum period as permitted by law. The information is then safeguarded with encryption technology to ensure confidentiality of data transmission and storage.

The device has also seen an upgrade of the central privacy feature of its predecessor, and the V2 now sports AI Privacy Call 3.0. This lets users take important phone calls in public without worrying about others listening in to the conversation,. It intelligently adapts the call volume to a decibel that is exclusive to the person who received the call – minimising call sound leakage without compromising on audio quality. 

Honor has also developed a new AI feature that works to help users keep their work and private apps and files separate: Parallel Space allows users to create an independent space outside of the existing phone space. Built to be much more private and secure, Parallel Space can be used simultaneously with the main space of the Magic V2. 

This feature is ideal for storing important, sensitive information and personal or work apps – users can even migrate files from the main space to the Parallel Space. This feature also allows users to run the same app, such as WhatsApp, on both spaces.

If Parallel Space is no longer needed, it can be wiped out completely to further protect the user’s privacy.

A major concern that plagues most people are, “how safe are my passwords and banking information on my device?” For this reason, Honor has developed a discreet security chip, which is embedded in the Magic V2, to provide an added layer of protection for all hardware-level protection and key passwords stored on the device. 

  • The Honor Magic V2 is now available for purchase at selected retailers. The device comprises a Black finish with a special vegan leather back, retailing for a recommended purchase price of R39,999.

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