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Meet Griselda, the ruthless real-life drug boss

Now streaming on Netflix, the crime drama series is based on true events and features a star actress from ‘Modern Family’.

Sofía Vergara portrays the role of the notorious drug boss, Griselda, in an upcoming crime drama series of the same name, starting on Netflix today (25 January 2024). The action-drama series is based on real-life events, and aims to provide an account of the ruthless figure.

In Griselda, the narrative unfolds to depict the story of an ambitious Colombian drug boss, known as the ‘Black Widow’. Taking on this lead role is Vergara, best-known for her part as Gloria in Modern Family and as a judge on America’s Got Talent. She has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards and four Primetime Emmy Awards.

The series explores Griselda Blanco’s life and her involvement in orchestrating one of history’s most lucrative cartels as she flees from Medellín to Miami with her three young sons, and a bag of cocaine. It sheds light on Blanco’s adept balancing act between the demands of family and business, navigating seamlessly through their distinct realms.

The cast includes Alberto Guerra and Christian Tappan.

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