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Game devs open studio in Fourways

Cali4ways Games, local independent video game developer, has announced the opening of its “real life permanent” studio, nestled in the graphic media hub of Johannesburg.

Click below to watch how the South African game studio has settled in.



Cali4ways comprises talent that jumped ship from other volatile creative industries: Steve the “Entrepreneur”, Louis “CEO & creative delusional visionary”, Nick “He who never sleeps”, Sibusiso “Skynet” and some “Suits” with calculators and serious deadlines.

Louis Du Pisani, CEO of Cali4ways Games, said: “Taking the plunge from an after hours’ hobby to full time game developers has been terrifying… it’s still terrifying. We channel that fear into Boet Fighter. When your dreams start giving you nightmares, then monetise that trauma.”

They are creating a game called Boet Fighter, which started off as a goof. Since then, it has taken the South African social networks by storm. Sometimes going viral is actually organic. Who knew? Its makers say Boet Fighter is “completely organic, handmade, and a comically crafted game that celebrates everything that makes the South African middle class so unpleasant, but packaged in a loving way  – a game where we flip the damsel in distress motif on its head”. 

The creators provide the following description:

“Follow Hard Eddy and Mod-C as they indiscriminately bliksem strangers to find out whether or not they had anything to do with the mysterious disappearance of a girl that Hard Eddy just met. Player 2 is also there, because market research suggests that we a) portray variety and b) that existential trauma is more fun when shared with friends.

“Hop on board as we toss our existing careers into the almighty dream volcano and pursue an end goal that will either a) pay off in the long run or b) won’t.”

For more information about Cali4ways Games, visit