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Spotify comes to Windows Game Bar

In the spirit of Win+G’ing it, Spotify has been added to the Windows Game Bar for PC, allowing PC gamers to add soundtracks to their games.

Click below to watch the Windows Game Bar feature demonstration, and to read more about it.



As part of the Windows 10 Spring update, Spotify is now embedded within the Microsoft Game Bar on PC devices. Now, gamers on PCs have access to Spotify’s audio library without having to exit their game.
Here’s how it works:

  • Users can initiate Game Bar by hitting Win+G to bring the Game Bar to the foreground without having to exit or pause their game.
  • From there, users will be able to control their Spotify experience without having to open the Spotify app.
  • This includes browsing for content, changing tracks and playlists, repeating playing tracks, etc.

Game Bar is available to all PC users globally running the Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

Spotify has curated many playlists for gaming, which include the latest hits and official soundtracks, like Top Gaming Tracks, Hip Hop Controller, and RetroWave / Outrun.

Please see here for more information.