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Why the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G redesign is a game-changer for smartphones



The launch of Samsung’s category-defining Galaxy Z Flip3 5G foldable device is creating a smartphone revolution. For those who want style that comes with exceptional function, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is the ideal device with its sleek, compact, and pocketable design and enhanced camera and selfie features. This eye-catching device empowers you to express yourself with bold colour options, a smooth, compact rectangular design that fits effortlessly in your pocket, and trendy new accessories. Unfold and snap a stunning selfie with the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s camera features including Flex mode and its unique ability to stand upright, with a symmetrical and balanced design, that opens up to an angle that best fits your vision. Then add to your social feed, which scrolls smoother than ever with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. Enjoy easier ways to pay, play, and check your notifications fast on its larger customisable cover screen, without ever flipping open your phone. Here are a few more reasons it stands out in such a big way:

 It’s compact without compromise

Galaxy Z Flip3 is a small phone with big capabilities and beautiful design. Flipped open, the display measures 6.7 inches’ corner-to-corner, giving plenty of room to get work done effectively. Work in Multi-Active Windows, instantly access favourite apps from the Edge Panel or go into Flex Mode for hands-free video conferencing. Folded shut, it’s half the size of a typical mobile phone — so you can easily take your office wherever you go and unfold your world wherever you please. Galaxy Z Flip3 is both ultra-compact and ultra-productive.

You stay in the know

With Galaxy Z Flip3, your phone doesn’t need to be open to keep you in the loop. The external cover screen is your notification centre, displaying informative updates on its touch display. The cover screen is especially helpful if you spend most of the day in meetings. You get the information you need at a glance, without distraction. Look to the cover screen throughout the day for quick information like messages, reminders and calendar events, or check the weather and your step count in Samsung Health.

Get pics at every angle

Capture the best of every day with Galaxy Z Flip3 5G’s intuitive camera system, which takes sharp, steady photos and videos. Impromptu selfies come out beautifully. In Flex Mode, the cover display preview allows for hands-free snaps, so you can capture the entire scene without your arm in the way. Portrait Mode is crisper than ever with enhanced AI processing, allowing you to change up your background and lighting effects to blend more naturally. Hyper-Lapse and Auto Framing make it easy to capture your best shot on the first take.

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