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DStv Internet uncaps fibre

MultiChoice has released a new TV box, the DStv Streama, that delivers content from DStv and other streaming services through the Internet

DStv Internet via fibre has been upgraded to give customers an uncapped fibre connection and access to more streaming services.

The high-speed offering is positioned to give customers faster, smoother, and more stable internet access. Users can expect enhanced gaming, social media, and browsing experiences while streaming content using the DStv Streama TV Box.

The new TV box, called the DStv Streama, delivers content from DStv and other streaming services through a reliable internet connection. Compatible devices are turned into smart TVs.

In an era of wide-reaching digital services, says MultiChoice,DStv is streamlining processes, ensuring that customers and their households are connected to the internet without the admin of paying multiple bills. 

MultiChoice provided the following information on the total package:

DStv Internet via fibre currently houses two products; one that bundles the DStv Compact bouquet and another that offers the top-end Premium bouquet:

  • Aggressively priced at R699 for a fixed 24-month period, the first fibre bundle offers 25Mbps/10Mbps uncapped fibre and router, with a DStv Streama TV box and a DStv Compact subscription.
  • The second fibre bundle also offers 25Mbps/10Mbps uncapped fibre and router, including a DStv Streama box and DStv Premium for R999/month on a 24-month contract.

In both instances, consumers who supply their own decoder get satellite TV included at the same price.

According to the Digital Quality of Life Index 2021, South Africa is ranked 68th out of 110 countries, which is the highest ranking in comparison to its African counterparts. Although many South Africans enjoy access to mobile and broadband with relative stability, there is a long way to go in fully bridging the digital divide.

The attainability of DStv Internet via fibre is seen through customers like Zakhele, a 28-year-old retail manager, who shares a house in Cosmo City with three friends. “There are some things we like to do together like stream a soccer match, whilst other times, I just prefer browsing the net in my own personal space.  Having this uncapped fibre and subscription at one price not only means saving, but that we all get to do what we like,” he said.

How to get connected

New customers can access DStv Internet via fibre by visiting the DStv website and following a simple 3-step process.

1.      Order Online

Prospective customers can check for fibre coverage in their respective areas, select a fibre deal and complete their order online. They can also go online and request a call back to get assistance from one of DStv’s friendly specialists.

2.      Delivery & Installation

Once the order is complete, DStv technicians will deliver the hardware and book a date for installation

3.      Connection

Users can enjoy uncapped internet connection and endless entertainment with DStv

Existing customers can log on to their profile and apply by clicking ‘Add New Product before selecting the deal to start the application process.

Why Choose DStv?

  • Pay-Tv giant DStv is a trusted service provider.
  • The DStv Internet via fibre deals are made possible through partnership with South Africa’s best Internet providers
  • Users ultimately save big when they bundle their DStv package with uncapped internet access.

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