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DStv calls on
content creators

For the first time, content creators from across the African continent are being invited to participate in the platform’s awards.

DStv has issued a call for entries in its Content Creator Awards, for the first time inviting African content creators from across the continent to participate.

Now in its third year, the DStv Content Creator Awards is intended to “celebrate and recognise the exceptional talent and creativity of digital content creators who are shaping the future of entertainment and storytelling”.

In 2024, the DStv Content Creator Awards has introduced a new category celebrating the best African content creators as the platform expands to the rest of Africa. The Pan-African Creator Award is designed to honour creators from various African countries who are making remarkable contributions to the digital space.

How to Enter

African content creators can submit their entries by visiting The submission process is straightforward, and African creators can enter their best work in the Pan-African Award category. 

“Our goal is to celebrate the incredible talent found throughout Africa and to provide a platform where these creators can gain international visibility and inspire a new generation of storytellers,” says Manuela Dias De Deus, founder of the DStv Content Creator Awards.

Apart from the Pan-African Creator Award, South African creators and brands are eligible to enter a variety of other categories. 

This year’s categories are:


  1. Thumb-stopping Award
  2. *New* Best Event After Movie Award 


  1. Podcast of the Year Award 
  2. *New* Storyteller Award (10 minutes to 30 minutes) 
  3. Song of the Year Award (opens for public voting once the five nominees are announced)


  1. Best Creator Campaign Award

Content creator

  1. Social Commentary Award
  2. DStv Creator of the Year Award (public voting once the nominees are announced)
  3. Emerging Creator Award (public voting once the five nominees are announced)
  4. Cause Award (public voting once the five nominees are announced)
  5. *New* Pan-African Creator Award
  6. *New* Trendsetter Award (public voting once the five nominees are announced)
  7. Fashion & Style Award
  8. Foodie Award
  9. Travel & Lifestyle Award
  10. *New* Gaming Creator of the Year
  11. Beauty Award

Entries for the 2024 DStv Content Creator Awards close on 21 June 2024 and the awards will take place in Johannesburg in October. For more information, visit

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