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Dark Pictures Anthology’s next episode revealed

The new Dark Pictures Anthology episode, Little Hope, takes players to a world where their choices have a butterfly effect on their consequences.

Players can get a glimpse into the critical dilemmas they will face in Little Hope, the next episode in The Dark Pictures Anthology. Little Hope is the second of eight planned installments in the interactive drama/survival horror game series, and follows the wildly successful first episode, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Pre-orders for Little Hope are available now on the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Games Store, and Steam. The pre-order will include an early access to the Curator’s Cut, which comprises of new scenes in addition to the theatrical cut, playing as different characters with new choices and outcomes. 

Visit the BNEE E-Commerce Store to get the exclusive Collector’s Edition which includes the Little Hope game, a Dark Pictures cloth map, two map pins, a Steelcase (with 4 slots) and a replica of Mary’s 1692 puppet. 

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope will be available on 30 October on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

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