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Crosscall launches devices with 5-year warranty

French mobile device maker Crosscall has launched a new range of devices with an industry first five-year warranty.

Crosscall, the French manufacturer specialising in the design of durable smartphones and tablets, will now offer a 5-year warranty on its new products. The company, which plans to relocate its production to France over the next few years, upped its 3-year warranty commitment to 5-years, in favour of more sustainable telephony. This 5-year warranty is valid on all future models of the French brand but also on the Core-M5 and Action-X5 models launched at the end of the year.

Since 2009, Crosscall has been designing durable, high-performance smartphones and tablets. This new commitment, demonstrating Crosscall’s confidence in the long-term reliability of its products, covers any malfunction or defect.

On the software side, all smartphones and tablets from the French brand are AER (Android Enterprise Recommended) certified, the most advanced Android certification allowing for frequent security updates – 1 major Android OS update and 3 years of security patch updates from the date of sale – thus guaranteeing increased durability even on the software. Crosscall says it is also developing a process that will allow it to offer the necessary updates to the operating system of these terminals throughout the warranty period.

Cyril Vidal, president and founder of Crosscall, says: “When I created Crosscall, I wanted to shake up the codes of telephony and offer a sustainable alternative to the user. This is the raison d’être that guides us on a daily basis and will continue to do so in the years to come.”

To strengthen its expertise, the company integrated a crash-testing and prototyping laboratory at its headquarters in Aix-en-Provence at the end of 2020, the cornerstone of an industrial project to relocate part of its production to France. The manufacturer ensures the durability and reliability of its terminals by carrying out over 300 tests designed to reproduce a multitude of situations that users could face with their smartphone.

This design process promotes the durability of smartphones but also their reparability, a prerequisite for extending the product’s life cycle. The brand has committed to a 10-year availability of spare parts and its smartphones have one of the best marks on the market for repairability with an 8.8/10. The aim of this index, which will be introduced in France at the beginning of 2021, is to provide consumers with better information at the time of purchase and to encourage them to keep their equipment for longer, by having it repaired in the event of a breakdown instead of systematically buying a new product.

With its 5-year hardware warranty, Crosscall also wants to help change the way people consume. By choosing a long-lasting smartphone, a company makes the choice of profitability: it benefits from its mobile fleet for a longer period of time and saves money by limiting the frequent replacement of its fleet. The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is optimised and the company can devote the remaining budget to other actions.

The productivity gain, a fundamental element for a company, is also to be taken into account. A broken phone means at best an employee immobilised in their functions and a lack of productivity for the company.

Crosscall, which has been working since its creation to offer a more sustainable alternative in the telephone market by opposing technological overkill, is thus extending the life cycle of its products as well as their value over time.  The introduction of a 5-year hardware warranty is perfectly in line with users’ new expectations and current social issues.

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