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CES 2021: The 6 big trends

Home as HQ and shifts in commuting patterns will be two of six major trends that will form part of a series of events hosted by CNET during the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

CES 2021 features more than 1,000 exhibitors from around the world and showcases the latest trends and innovation in artificial intelligence, 5G, digital health, smart cities, and vehicle technology, among others.

CNET’s coverage will include live streams of keynotes, including those by Verizon’s Hans Vestberg, General Motors’ Mary Barra, AMD’s Dr. Lisa Su, Best Buy’s Corie Barry, and WarnerMedia’s Ann Sarnoff, supplemented with expert commentary and analysisAdditionally, CNET editors will be hosting the following six panels covering crucial topics for 2021 (information provided by CNET):

  • The Next Big Thing: Will Tech Keep Home the Best Headquarters? It took a pandemic to make our homes the centre of work, education, shopping, entertainment, and health and fitness. Much of this new home-centrism will stick, while some will unbend to the way it was. We’ve seen a glimpse of what technology can do to enhance the at-home experience — will it be enough to keep a house as headquarters? This panel will be hosted by Brian Cooley and joined by experts in this field including Jennifer Kent, senior director of Parks Associates; Paul Lee, global head of research, tech, media, and telecoms at Deloitte UK; and Megan Wollerton, senior editor, CNET Home. Tune in here on 12 January at 1 pm PT.
  • The Great Commute Reboot. The industries that form the global mobility landscape have seen more rapid change in the past five years than over the previous 50. Then, in 2020, everything we thought we’d learned got thrown out the window. We’ll answer questions about the current state of mobility need and which solutions are best poised to get people going again. This panel will be hosted by Roadshow’s Tim Stevens and joined by experts in this field including Ken Washington, CTO at Ford; Tony Aquila, executive chairman of Canoo; Jevgeni Kabanov, chief product officer of Bolt; and Olabisi Boyle, VP of product planning and mobility strategy for Hyundai Motor North America. Tune in here on 13 January at 11:30 am PT. 
  • Coronavirus created a huge mess. Here’s how 5G gets us out. How will 5G help change and improve things in a world recovering from the coronavirus pandemic? We’ll explore things like how 5G enables better remote working experiences, telemedicine and the advent of self-driving cars. This panel will be hosted by CNET’s Roger Cheng and joined by experts in this field including Cristiano R. Amon, CEO of Qualcomm Incorporated; Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business; and Steve Ommen, MD, medical director of the Mayo Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Clinic. Tune in here on 13 January at 10 am PT.
  • Wallet Wars: FinTech in 2021 and Beyond. As finance continues to merge with tech, there are questions about whether we’re headed toward a proliferation of apps – with numerous players each serving their niche or a consolidation, with one or two mega-platforms to rule them all. We discuss the next generation of financial services – and how they plan to serve their customers – in terms of access, competition, security, regulation and privacy. This panel will be hosted by CNET’s Justin Jaffe and joined by experts in this field including Varun Krishna, senior VP and head of consumer finance for Intuit Consumer Group; Josh Woodward, director of product management in the US for Google Pay; and Dan Egan, VP of behavioural finance at Betterment. Tune in here on 13 January at 12:30 pm PT.
  • Digital healthcare: Better than the doctor’s office? We’ve all heard the pronouncement: Telehealth and personal health tech advanced by years in a few months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But both were rushed in as stopgap measures. In 2021, we’ll work to determine how much, and in what cases, these new techniques can be better than traditional medicine and capitalize on their unimaginable 2020 boost and demonstration effect. This panel will be hosted by CNET’s Lindsey Turrentine and joined by experts in this field including Dr. Elaine Hanh Le, chief medical officer at Healthline Media; Dr. Wendy Dean, president at Moral Injury of Healthcare; and Dr. Yulun Wang, head of R&D, Teladoc. Tune in here on 13 January at 11 am PT. 
  • Covid Made Us All Gamers. What Happens Next? Gaming was one of the few industries to thrive during the pandemic, with 2020 showcasing record growth for both hardware and software. How is the gaming industry capitalizing on this momentum to keep delivering compelling games and gear and ensure this boom doesn’t become a bust? And how will the events of the past year change how we game in the future? This panel will be hosted by GameSpot’s Lucy Jameson and joined by experts in this field including: Mat Piscatella, executive director, Games at The NPD Group; Greg Miller, host and founder of Kinda Funny Games; and Victoria Tran, community director at Innersloth. Tune in here on 12 January at 2 pm PT.
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