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CES 2021: Tech transforms bedroom into any ambience

Aromeo Sense is a modern sleep and relaxation aid aiming to transform the bedroom into any ambience with multi-sensory technology.

A new multi-sensory device designed to help users sleep, wake-up, relax, and focus, integrates an aroma diffuser, mood light, and music app to create different moods in the same space.

The Aromeo Sense, launching at CES 2021 this week, is described as a modern wellness device that transforms bedroom atmosphere “using a synergy of aroma, light, and music therapy”.

The aromatherapy works through a diffuser body that provides waterless diffusion of three natural fragrance pods made from 100% botanical and non-toxic ingredients. Its colour light therapy is from a 40-LED light ring around the body of the diffuser, featuring 20 base colours, six animations, and numerous gradient possibilities. The device works with the Aromeo App, which provides curated music therapy playlists and allows users to schedule sessions as well as customise their multi-sensory settings. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

“After the pandemic, we spend more than 90% of our time indoors,” says Michelle Fno, co-founder of Aromeo Diffuser. “We work, rest, and sleep in the same space. So Aromeo Sense transforms your space for different uses – providing the right atmosphere throughout the day.”

Aromeo Sense features three preset modules: Sleep, Relax, and Focus. The Sleep Module helps users sleep peacefully with the help of essential oils that are diffused in coordination with a dimming sunset glow and soothing music. In the morning, instead of waking up to nasty alarm sounds, users wake up to an energizing scent with glowing sunrise light and energising music.

The Relax Module guides users to inhale and exhale with a breathing light ring and make them visualise relaxation scenes, such as a sandy beach with tropical scent and ocean waves. The Focus Module can help one concentrate and improve productivity when working from home. It uses “focus-intensifying aromas, alertness-boosting blue light, and uplifting music”.

Aromeo Sense is designed to be intuitive. Users can experience the multi-sensory experience with the press of a button on the device. The device highlights an oval ring that provides a multi-colour light that can be adjusted by tapping the rear key. The body contains an anodised aluminium diffuser that supports three natural fragrance pods. To place the fragrance pods, the diffuser can be opened by tilting the light ring.

Aromeo Sense is currently funding on Indiegogo, and reached fully funded status in November 2020. A set of Aromeo Sense with Aromeo Pods, which contains natural fragrance, is priced from US$99.

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