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CES: Which will be Last Gadget Standing? You can vote!

Cutting edge IoT- and AI-powered devices, AR/VR, and self-driving kits are among the finalists of the most anticipated event at CES in las Vegas next week



Last Gadget Standing, one of the longest-running events produced by Living in Digital Times (LIDT) in partnership with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) at CES, will feature IoT, AI-powered devices, AR/VR and self-driving innovations.

Last Gadget Standing will celebrate its 20th year at CES 2020 on Thursday, January 9, in Las Vegas. Celebrating 20 years of audience-based awards at CES, Last Gadget Standing places voting in the attendee’s hands and is an annual highlight of CES week.

Hundreds of applications, including cutting edge IoT devices, AI-powered devices, AR/VR, and self-driving kits, were submitted for a chance to be named one of the top ten finalists for CES 2020 Last Gadget Standing. The Last Gadget Standing live event will take place on January 9, at 10:30am at the Las Vegas Convention Center, LVCC N255.

The ten 2020 finalists are:

At the live event, attendees will experience demonstrations of the top ten products that have been selected by a jury of expert judges. The audience then votes on the product they believe is most likely to go on to CES fame. The voting is done using a non-scientific, but really raucous, applause-o-meter where microphones are secretly placed around the room. Those who can’t attend the live event are invited to vote for the People’s Choice Online award online.

The 20th Annual Last Gadget Standing is hosted by Jennifer Jolly, Emmy award-winning tech-life TV show host and writer for The New York Times. The contest’s media and production partner,, produces the halftime trivia contest where the audience can win swag by correctly answering some arcane CES history. 

Online voting for The People’s Choice ends on January 7, 2020. The public can vote online at by clicking the like button on the photo.

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