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CES: Royole folds again



After stunning CES in 2019 with the world’s first foldable smartphone, the FlexPai, and then going silent on its roll-out, Royole Corporation has returned to CES to unveil two new products in Las Vegas, USA. 

The RoWrite 2 Smart Notebook is a complete redesign of its original curved notebook device, featuring the latest Royole fully flexible sensor and more than 40% lighter, significantly smaller and with longer battery life and better accuracy.  With a wireless-charging smart pen and Royole’s sensors embedded in a soft leather case, it is aimed at those who are nostalgic for the feel of paper in a digital world.

Royole also launched the Mirage Smart Speaker, an Amazon Alexa-enabled speaker featuring Royole’s 8″ AMOLED fully-flexible touch display, which wraps around the speaker’s cylindrical body. The elegant display solution enables stunning visuals and touch control. A 5MP camera with physical mute switch and two far-field, high quality microphones allow access to Amazon Alexa’s full functionalities. Three full-range drivers and a passive bass radiator provide impressive 360 degree audio for voice and music playback. 

Royole also showcased the RoTree, designed to demonstrate the capabilities of Royole’s paper-thin flexible displays. It features some 1,000 “leaves” of fully flexible and programmable displays.

“Royole’s proprietary Flexible+ technologies have put us in a pivotal position in innovation in consumer electronics,” saidRoyole’s founder and CEO Dr Bill Liu. “We are currently working with hundreds of business partners worldwide to adopt fully flexible displays and sensors in a wide variety of use cases that will reshape the world of consumer electronics and business applications. With the introduction of RoWrite 2 Smart Notebook and Mirage Smart Speaker, we are fully committed to establishing the Royole brand and providing Flexible+ solutions to enterprise partners.”

The RoWrite 2 will be available globally in March at $129 (€129) with the Mirage Smart Speaker available in Q2 at $899 (£799).

* Royole’s CES booth is located in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, #11524.