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CES 2022: Unmanned restaurant includes quarantine robot

Vision Semicon will introduce Storant, an unmanned restaurant solution that combines a barista system with serving robots, along with a sneeze guard table and a quarantine robot at CES 2022.

Organized by ETNews (Electronic Times Internet), “Top 10 Korean Products of CES 2020” is a project that selects Korean products and services worth paying attention to at this year’s CES. The project considers originality, marketability, possibility of mass production, and investment value among small and medium-sized enterprises and venture companies in Korea.

Vision Semicon developed its Storant solution in 2020 using the technology accumulated through their smart factory business since 2013. Currently, it is operating 10 branches in major domestic cities and is expanding its business area through the continuous development of new technology.

Using the principle of an air curtain, the newly introduced sneeze guard table Anvita prevents droplet infections even when we talk face to face in the same space. In addition, spaces that have a lot of human traffic are sterilised and air purified through autonomous quarantine robots. In particular, since it uses hydrogen sterilization water that is harmless to the human body, we are able to safely share spaces with other people, which was not possible with existing UV-oriented sterilisation methods.

Tong-seop Yoon, CEO of Vision Semicon, says: “In this fourth industrial revolution era with newly emerging core technologies, the goal is for Storant to lead the Virus Free Zone on behalf of K-Science.”

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