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CES 2021: Wondercise fitness training system

The multi-point system aims to deliver precise health monitoring for users.



Wondercise, a fitness technology company, will unveil the world’s first multi-point motion match personal training system at the virtual CES 2021, starting Monday. The system comprises of a wristband and leg strap with inbuilt sensors which combine to deliver more precise fitness results.

Traditional smart wristbands and watches can’t tell the difference between a squat and lunge, and if the right or left leg are the ones leading. The leg strap and wristband sensors of the system work together to deliver results through Bluetooth 5.0 to an artificial intelligence (AI) engine within the company’s app. The app can be used on a mobile device or smart TV.

Wondercise has also implemented a feature within the app that utilises the system’s sensor’s, called Live Motion Map. The feature uses upper and lower body IMU (inertial measurement unit) sensors of the system to record heart rate, cardio burn and compare personal movements to that of a professional trainer. The trainer can be in the same room as the user, remotely present via a video stream or pre-recorded on a video fitness program in-app. The feature will allow users to maintain a focus on their form, mirror trainers’ movements and techniques, and maximise workout results, through following correct forms.

Wondercise offers unlimited access to over 300 workout classes with sessions from trainers, including MMA champion Luis Palomino (Baboon), fitness influencer Adam Frater, and experts across a range of disciplines. These include resistance band training, hip-hop dance, kettlebell crush, tai chi and yoga.

The system is compatible with existing smart wristbands and watches such as the Apple Watch, Garmin range or other Wondercise wearables. Pairing the system with the wearables improves accuracy and increases the data-sampling time by up to 2 times according to Wondercise. This is possible due to the wearable acting as a third point of measurement for data, which is then sent through to the company’s app.

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